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2021-2022 Officers

Dos Valles Garden Club CGCI


The Board of Directors is comprised of the executive board and the club's chairmen.    They meet monthly, discuss all pertinent matters that come to the attention of the president, and make recommendations that are voted on by the members.

Our members are a friendly bunch of men and women who enjoy each other's company and like to indulge in gardening activities of all sorts.  Some of our favorite things to do are propagation workshops, grow the new plants and then hold a plant sale along with a seed swap or bulb exchange for the community.


Other times we just like to have fun.  Shown below, we are participating in Valley Center Western Days doing the March of Tines (aka rakes).  We also have "Out and About" trips to local gardens, nurseries, museums, libraries, etc.

Gardening Expertise is plentiful from our many knowledgeable members.   Masters Gardeners, Gardening Consultants, Flower Show Judges and experts in many aspects of gardening are available to encourage members and help them with their gardening challenges.


Membership meetings are held September - June at St. Stephen Meeting Hall 

31020 Cole Grade Road, Valley Center. The usual agenda is discussion of club business, horticultural tips, sharing and critiquing different types of floral designs, 

a program featuring a knowledgeable speaker on a popular gardening subject, a plant sale, and refreshments. 

Visitors welcome to attend our meetings, and membership is open to everyone.


Member Fees

We welcome all  new members! 

Cost to join: 

Single - $40                 

Family - $50                 

 Supportive Member - $100

Past Presidents: 

1954-55 Lois Sharpless

1955-56 Hanna Strickler 

1956-57 Juanita True

1957-58 Ella Swanson 

1958-59 Lillian Ritz

1959-60 Lita Jaggers

1960-61 Tonia Gale

1961-62 M. Thornburn 

1962-63 Florence H Rose

1963-64 Mary Potter

1964-65 Barbara Chapman

1965-66 Rita Shearer

1966-67 Hope Myers

1967-68 Dorothy Davidson

1968-69 Frances Lawson

1969-70 Dorothy Davidson


1970-72  Kay Lamoureaux

1972-73 Mary Lou Gibson

1973-74 Dorothy Hansen

1974-75 Bunny Teal

1975-76 Betty Telesio

1976-78 Bea Seitz

1978-79 Juanell Vawter

1979-81 Betty Telesio

1981-82 Viola Kent 

1982-83 Betty Gilliam

1983-84 Vernice Putman 

1984-85 Edwina Magaro

1985-87 Opal Maletta

1987-88 Betty Jane Adams 

1988-89 John Jacobelli

1989-91 Carol Kratzer 

1991-93 Kathy Lee

1993-95 Betty Gilliam

1995-98 Sarah Beers

1998-2000 George Speer 

2000-02 Barbara Watzke 

2002-04 Roger Ramey

2004-05 Sandi Lord

2005-07 Marcia Townsend

2007-09 Evelyn Kent

2009-13 Carol Curcio

2013-15 Kathy Lee & Anne Watkins

2015-17 Maveny Verdugo

2017-19 David Rylaarsdam

2019-21 Sarah Smith 

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